Lack of time does not alter the picture capital of an individual, hence the idea of creating a service that allows women and men eager to be always in their bodies and in their heads.

In 30 years the concept developed by Jacques Carrié turned into a real business serving an international clientele.

24h 24h, 7 days 7. CEOs of major French and foreign groups, showbiz stars, supermodels, women of the jet set people momentarily constrained to immobility, the multidisciplinary team Beati Corpus consisting of 29 professionals (hairdressers, massage, esthetician, makeup artists, physiotherapists ...)

All specialize in their areas of intervention, they move in less than 30 minutes HOME, OFFICE or in the hotels.

On the principle of small service that makes great service to all those for whom time is running out, Carrie still hear Jacques bring many new solutions in ever investing in the notion of "perfect service" for a customer asset.

In addition to the common goal of saving time, which binds all its services, flawless organization and competence of committed professionals have enabled the development of society.
Jacques Carrie has imposed its rigor, tenacity to all of his team, which allows BEATI CORPUS look to the future with confidence.